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Journal of Islamic Studies : volume 31, 2020 / editor Farhan Ahmad Nizami

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Record Nr.: 98568 Pubblicazione: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2020 Contenuto: texte rdacontent Media: sans médiation rdamedia Supporto: volume rdacarrier Descrizione fisica: 436 pages ; 24 cm. Soggetto topico: Histoire musulmane Histoire philosophique Dialogue interculturel Etudes islamiques Philosophie islamique ISSN: 0955-2340 Livello bibliografico Periodico Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese Altri autori: Nizami, Farhan Ahmad, editeur Contiene: Menchinger, Ethan L., auteur. Dreams of destiny and omens of greatness: exceptionalism in ottoman political and historical thought / Lhost, Elizabeth , auteur. To flower and fructify: rational religion and the seeds of Islam in Nazir Ahmad's (1830-1912) late-career religious non-fiction / Beben, Daniel, auteur. Kalâm-i pîr and its place in the central asian Isma`ili tradition / Held, Pascal, auteur. Traces of mysticism in Ibn al-Jawzî's thought: an examination of his Bahr al-dumû` / Ramini, Irsan, auteur. Muslim conquest of the city of al-Ubulla / Abbasi, Rushain, auteur. Did premodern muslims distinguish the religious and secular? The Din-Dunyâ binary in medieval islamic thought / Khân, Ahmad 1817-1898, auteur. Dispatches from Cairo to India: editors, publishing houses, and a republic of letters Zein, Ibrahim M., auteur. Khâlid b. al-Wâlid's treaty with the People of Damascus: identifying the source document through shared and competing historical memories Brodersen, Angelika, auteur. New light on the emergence of Mâturidism: Abû Shakûr al-Sâlimî (fifth/eleventh century) and his Kitâb al-Tamhîd fi bayân al-tawhîd Hegghammer, Thomas, auteur. Weeping in modern jihadi groups
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