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Journal of Islamic Studies : volume 30, 2019 / editor Farhan Ahmad Nizami

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Record Nr.: 98558 Pubblicazione: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019 Contenuto: texte rdacontent Media: sans médiation rdamedia Supporto: volume rdacarrier Descrizione fisica: 455 pages ; 24 cm. Soggetto topico: Histoire musulmane Histoire philosophique Dialogue interculturel Etudes islamiques Philosophie islamique ISSN: 0955-2340 Livello bibliografico Periodico Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese Altri autori: Nizami, Farhan Ahmad, editeur Contiene: Ayyad, Essam S., auteur. Historiographical analysis of the arabic accounts of early Mosques: with special reference to those at Madina, Basra and Kûfa / Saif, Liana, auteur. Ikhwân al-Safâ's religious reform and magic: beyond the Isma`ilî hypothesis / Yilmaz, Fayzullah, auteur. Overcoming nihilism through Sufism: an analysis of Iqbal's article on `Abd al-Karîm al-Jîlî / Matar, Nabil I., auteur. Jos.[eph] Morgan and Mohamed Rabadan: the first muslim biography of the Prophet Muhammad in english / Zoran-Rosen, Ayelet, auteur. Emergence of a bosnian learned elite: a case of ottoman imperial integration Wagemakers, Joas, auteur. Salafism's historical continuity: the reception of `modernist' salafis by `purist' salafis in Jordan Parkes Allen, Jonathan, auteur. Up all night out of love for the Prophet: devotion, sanctity, and ritual innovation in the ottoman arab lands, 1500-1620 Bardi, Alberto, auteur. Islamic astronomy in fifteenth-century christian environments: Cardinal Bessarion and his library Sartori, Paolo, auteur. Of saints, shrines, and tractors: untangling the meaning of Islam in soviet central Asia
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