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Islamic philosophy, science, culture, and religion : studies in honor of Dimitri Gutas / edited by Felicitas Opwis and David Reisman

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Record Nr.: 91140 Pubblicazione: Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2012 Contenuto: texte rdacontent Media: sans médiation rdamedia Supporto: volume rdacarrier Descrizione fisica: xii, 493 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm Titolo uniforme di collana: Islam, Philosophy, Theology and Science ; LXXXIII. Soggetto topico: Manuscrits Science & connaissance Culture religieuse Philosophie islamique Soggetto (Persona): Gutas Dimitri, 1945- ISBN: 978-90-04-20274-0 Livello bibliografico Monografia Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Tedesco Inglese Molteplice Altri autori: Opwis, Felicitas, editeur Reisman, David C., m. 2011, editeur Contiene: Daiber, Hans 1942-, auteur. Graeco-Arabica Christiana: the Christian scholar `Abd Allâh ibn al-Fadi from Antiochia (11th c. A.D.) as transmitter of greek work Fortenbaugh, William W. , auteur. Aristo of Ceus: the fragments concerning eros Reisman, David C., m. 2011, auteur. Professional medical ethics from a foreign past Bladel van, Kevin , auteur. Arabic history of science of Abû Sahl ibn Nawbaht (fl. ca 770-809) and its middle persian sources Staden von, Heinrich, auteur. Physiology and therapy of anger: Galen on medicine, the soul, and nature Gruendler, Beatrice, auteur. In Aristotle'sâtimî's (?) epistle on al-Mutanabbi and Aristotle Brentjes, Sonja, auteur. Prison of categories. `Decline' and its company Takahashi, Hidemi, auteur. Also via Istanbul to New Haven. Mss Yale Syriac 7-12 Burnett, Charles, auteur. Judaeo-arabic version of Tâbit ibn Qurra's De imaginibus and Pseudo-Ptolemy's Opus imaginum Janssens, Jules, auteur. Ibn Sînâ's Ta`liqât: the presence of paraphrases of and super-commentaries on the Ilâhiyât of the Shifâ' King, David A., auteur. Invention of algebra in Zabîd: between legend and fact Street, Tony, auteur. Medieval and modern interpretations of Avicenna's modal syllogistic Bertolacci, Amos, auteur. Distinction of essence and existence in Avicenna's metaphysics: the text and its context Endress, Gerhard, auteur. Höfischer Stil und wissenschaftliche Rhetorik: al-Kindî als Epistolograph Wisnovsky, Robert, auteur. New philosophical texts of Yahyâ ibn `Adî: a supplemnt to Endress' analytical inventory Treiger, Alexander, auteur. Avicenna's notion of transcendental modulation of existence (tashkîk al-wujûd, analogia entis) and its greek and arabic sources Mourad, Suleiman A., auteur. Revealed text and the intended subtext: notes on the hermeneutics of the Qur'ân in Mu'tazila discourse as reflected in the Tahdhîb of al-Hâkim al-Jishumî (d. 494/1101) Opwis, Felicitas, auteur. Attributing casuality to God's law: the solution of Fahr ad-Dîn ar-Râzî Omari, Racha el- , auteur. Kitâb al-Hayda: the historical significance of an apocryphal text Michot, Yahyâ J., auteur. From al-Ma'mûn to Ibn Sab`în via Avicenna: Ibn Taymiya's historiography of Falsafa
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