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The Islamic scholarly tradition : studies in history, law, and thought in honor of Professor Michael Allan Cook / edited by Asad Q. Ahmed, Behnam Sadeghi and Michael Bonner

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Record Nr.: 81494 Editore: Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2011 Descrizione fisica: xxvi,385 p. : ill. ; 24 cm Titolo uniforme di collana: Islamic History and Civilization. Studies and Texts ; 83. Nota di bibliografia: Contient bibliographie et index. Soggetto topico: Loi islamique Histoire musulmane Civilisation islamique Identité musulmane ISBN: 978-90-04-19435-9* Livello bibliografico Monografia Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese Altri autori: Bonner, Michael, 1952-2019, éd. Cook, Michael A., 1940- Ahmed, Asad Q., 1977-, éd. Sadeghi, Behnam, 1969-, éd. Contiene: Bonner, Michael, 1952-2019. Time has come full circle": markets, fairs and the calendar in Arabia before Islam Haider, Najam. Wasiyya of Abû Hâshim: the impact of polemic in premodern muslim historiography Sijpesteijn, Petra. Building an egyptian identity Fierro, Maribel. Battle of the Ditch (al-Khanqaq) of the cordoban caliph `Abd al-Rahmân III. Khalek, Nancy. Dreams of Hagia Sophia: the muslim siege of Constantinople in 674 CE. Abû Ayyûb al-Ansârî, and the medieval islamic imagination Sabra, Adam. Second ottoman conquest of Egypt": rhetoric and politics in seventeenth century egyptian historiography Hathaway, Jane. Habesî Mehmet Agha: the first chief harem eunuch (darûssaade Agasi) of the ottoman empire Traboulsi, Samer. I entered Mecca...and I destroyed all the tombs": some remarks on saudi-ottoman correspondence Tsafrir, Nurit. `Aqila in Hanafî law: preliminary notes Hurvitz, Nimrod. Legal doctrines, historical contexts and moral visions: the case of sectarians in the courts of law. Stearns, Justin. Legal status of science in the muslim world in the early modern period: an initial consideration of fatwâs from three maghribî sources Bauer, Karen. I have seen the peoples antipathy to this knowledge": the muslim exegete and his audience, 5th/11th-7th/13th centuries Halevi, Leor. Lex Mahomethi: carnal and spiritual representations of islamic law and ritual in a twelfth-century dialogue by a jewish convert to christianity Ahmed, Asad Q. 1977- Systematic growth in sustained error: a case study in the dynamism of post-classical islamic scholasticism
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