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Oman and overseas / edited by Michaela Hoffmann-Ruf and Abdulrahman Al Salimi

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Record Nr.: 78851 Editore: Hildesheim : Georg Olms Verlag, 2013 Descrizione fisica: 506 p. : c. géogr., ill., photogr. ; 31 cm. Titolo uniforme di collana: Studies on Ibadism and Oman ; 002. Nota di bibliografia: Inclut bibliographie et index. Nota formattata di contenuto: P. [5]: "This book contains the papers read at the Second conference on Ibadi Studies 'The Ibadism of Oman. Its overseas development and its perception overseas' held in Tubingen University 16th - 19th May 2011". Soggetto topico: Ibâdites Omanites Histoire culturelle Relations internationales Géopolitique Commerces Congrès Tubingen 2011 Soggetto geografico: Océan Indien Afrique orientale ISBN: 978-3-487-14799-4* Livello bibliografico Monografia Formato: Materiale a stampa Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese Altri autori: Al Salimi, Abdulrahman, éd. Hoffmann-Ruf, Michaela, éd. Contiene: Yule, Paul. Late pre-islamic Oman Wilkinson, John C. Origins of Omani identity Agius, Dionisius A. Omani seafaring identity before the early 1600s Kauz, Ralph. Umani ports in Chinese sources / Vosmer, Tom. Omani seafaring and Omani boats / Sheriff, Abdul. Swahili coast Horton, Mark. Ibadis in East Africa Bakari, Mohamed. Main languages of East Africa and their literatures / Newitt, Malyn. Portuguese in East Africa and the Omani reconquest of East Africa / Fiorani Piacentini, Valeria. Growth of the relationships between Oman, the Gulf and the Western waters of the Indian Ocean Staples, Eric. Formation of Oman's maritime power under the Yaariba and Sayyid Said Malekandathil, Pius. Slumber to assertion Ziaee, Ali Akbar. Omani trade and cultural relations with East Asian countries / Teles e Cunha, João. Oman and omanis in Portuguese sources in the early modern period Witkam, Jan Just. Wood, horses and frindship. Worrall, James. British historical view of Oman and Ibadism / Dridi, Moez. Oman and Ibadism in modern French historiography Rezvan, Efim. Oman Ghazal, Amal. Oman Gol, Mohammed Z. Zanzibar Dietl, Gulshan. Mosaic Oman : Kusimba, Chapurukha M. African perspective Bang, Anne K. Danish and Norvegian travel accounts of Oman, 1975-1995 Schreiner, Stefan, 1947- Oman through Jewish travellers' eyes Leonard, Douglas. Historical survey of US-Omani relations from 1790 to the present Hoffmann-Ruf, Michaela. Seminar für Orientalische Sprachen (SOS) at Berlin Pacheco, Leila M.S. Historical coincidences between Oman and Brazil : Ziaka, Angeliki. South East European view / Rabi, Uzi. Political culture and foreign policy shaped by a moderate religious view
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